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Top Tips To Hire A Car For Your Holiday

Are you headed for a much-needed break? Hiring a holiday car is not complicated as there a many car hire Edinburgh companies but finding the best price offers, transparent dealings, waiting long queues and sales gimmicks can be quite a challenge. Also, add into this mix the add-ons that you might need. www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions-/edinburgh-so-loth-edin.htm states that car rental companies offer to provide many add-ons of which a few of them like car seats, insurance may be required and the others that are not. Here are some tips to be aware and not get conned by car hire companies:

Research: With the holiday season fast approaching, do not make last minute reservations as they tend to get costly and you have a limited choice. Like all other bookings, prices shoot up as the holiday season approaches so do your homework and book early. Shop for companies on the internet, and the prices keep varying, be on the lookout for deals and offer as most companies offer them. Before finalizing the deal ensure you read all the terms and conditions and what is part of the rental.

Insurance: Don’t fall into the tactics of salespersons trying to scare you to buy insurance for car theft or accident. They might use the trick of stating the excess penalty that has to be paid as a powerful mechanism to sell insurance to you. It is better off not to buy any insurance from car hire firms, but instead, you can opt for excess waiver insurance from a third-party company. You will get coverage for glass, windshields, lost keys as well as car breakdown for a fraction of the cost you will have to pay for the car hire firms.

Fuel: Car hire companies offer you to fill the tank up when they rent the car, and you can return it with an empty fuel tank. That is a trap which you should not fall for as they charge you for the fuel and most of the time you return the car with some fuel left which results in profit for the firm. Make an agreement that you will fill the tank when you return the car, and you will not pay the company for the fuel expenses.

Car seat: As far as possible carry your car seat if you are traveling with a baby otherwise you may have a hole in your pocket as the baby car seats are pretty expensive depending on the country of travel. To avoid paying extra, you can carry a booster seat which is allowed in airplanes also these days. Many websites can help you check if the booster seat fits the airline specifications or you can even call the airline and find out.
No over speeding: Do not cross the speed limits of the country you are traveling. Even if it is a rental car, speed check cameras will be placed on the roads which can capture your rental vehicle, and you will be charged by the rental company eventually, beware or over speeding.