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Do You Need A Racing Jack Or Not

racing jack

Are you in search of a racing jack? Do you think it is necessary to purchase one? Most of the jacks are portable and inexpensive. A racing jack is a great way to life to repair the vehicle on your own. You can always check out the advantages at or This will help you take a decision faster.

Choosing a race jack

You should check out the style of operation of the jack. Also, check the strength and size of the racing jack. You will get an idea if you talk to the dealer. Make sure that the design is what you need. You should also consider the profile of your car to check the compatibility.

You need to know how high or low the car is. Do not forget to understand the load rating too. The weight of the vehicle is significant. If the jack doesn’t have the capacity to hold the weight of your car, there is no use buying it. It will be an added burden and may also cause unfortunate accidents.

The lifting height is also to be noted. If the jack does not raise the car high enough for someone to crawl under the car, there will again be no use buying that product. You will always need to lift the car for repair works or even for maintenance.

The Storage of the Jack also has to be considered. You will get a storage case along with the jack on the purchase. In such situations, you have to make sure you have enough space in the garage or wherever you are planning to store it. Keep it in a handy place where it is within your reach.

The materials usually chosen to construct the racing jack are steel and aluminum. Which type you require is mostly based on:-
· The type of car you have
· How the jack will be used
· The mobility required

When you talk to the dealer, do check on the spinning capability of the jack. The base of the jack has to be strong to support the entire weight of the car.

How to maintain the Jack
Proper maintenance will ensure that the racing jack serves you for a longer time. You have to make sure that you follow the instructions given by the dealer. You will find them in the user’s manual. Follow the setup instruction to the dot. Do not make changes as per your wish.

Call the service people for regular service and maintenance checks. Do not find excuses to avoid the service of the life of the person underneath the car depends on the strength and holding capacity of the jack. All the hydraulics are to be oiled with the suited jack oil. Do not substitute the oil for cheaper or easily available alternatives.

Consider the above points while going on your hunt for that perfect racing jack. Keeping your car in proper condition is essential. With a jack, you will be able to do the repair works on your own without depending on others.