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Kia- Why choose it over other cars


Kia Motors is a South Korean based automobile corporation and is among the top manufacturing companies in South Korea according to It is also a subsidiary of Hyundai. Initially started its business as a bicycle manufacturer in South Korea, it has now spread its wings and is available in many countries around the world. Kia not only manufactures passenger cars they also produce military vehicles and many transportation vehicles.

After getting to know a little about the company let us find out why we should opt for Kia Motors over its competitors. We all look for a cost effective, good looking, sturdy, fuel-efficient and easy to drive cars. Kia cars offer all that apart from a choice of wide variety of models for users of all kinds.

Kia offers –

Value for money – Kia comes in a wide range of models all reasonably priced. They provide more features than its competitors for the same or lesser price. They also offer a multitude of other options regarding insurance and warranty coverage so that you can drive a car without the worry of repair or damage to the car.

Variety – They have a broad range of vehicles from small compact cars to midsize sedans to maxi vans. Every driver has a range of vehicles to choose in Kia.

Style quotient- Most people believe that buying a less expensive car means a compromise on style. With Kia that is hardly the case, they have cars with sporty, modern or the classy look that will stand out in the automotive market.

Accolades – Kia cars and its brand has been awarded year on year for its quality as well as its design. Kia Sport age, Optima Hybrid, and Sorrento are some of the best-selling cars in the year 2017.

Now that you have decided to buy a Kia; choosing one among its various models is not a small task. Listed are some of the things to help you find a model that you would want to buy.

First things first, decide whether you want to buy a new one or a used one and how much you are ready to spend. Both used and new ones have its benefits, weigh the pros and cons before deciding on either of it.

Petrol or Diesel Cars: Decide on what kind of fuel you want to use for your vehicle. There are a variety of options for petrol as well as diesel cars. But if you are looking for something trending then the hybrid varieties are also widespread for lesser distance driving. Based on the travel distance decide on the fuel type. If you plan to take long trips, then diesel variety should be great for you. Petrol engines are a preference among users.

Usage of the car – Decide on the design of the car based on the usage. If you have a growing family, then an SUV is a practical car for you. Do you need a lot of boot space, what features are you looking for in your vehicle, do you plan to travel long distances are all some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying one.

Lastly, short list all the cars that you have liked and make sure to test drive and satisfy yourself completely before handing over the cash. Happy buying!

Honda Brings EV Prototype


Though Electric Vehicle (EV) is not the latest invention, the automobile industry is trying to bring more MV type due to the necessity of gasoline shortage. The famous Honda has always been one of the leaders in the automobile industry and now focus on bringing the EVs for the buyers. According to james may, this is a great effort by Honda which is busy in bringing the most sought after cars in the recent times. The company is all set to bring the prototype in the form of a new version based on the popular. Acura NSX. As per, the demands for the EVs will rise in the next two years. If this prediction comes true, most car makers around the globe will be busy from now on in developing the cost-effective electric vehicles. Honda has already introduced its prototypes at their R&D center in the recent times. This indicates the determination of the company in moving forward of making EVs shortly.
Brief history of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)

It was Ferdinand Porsche, the man behind the great Porsche car brand who made the first hybrid car, which was named as Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid. Later in 1997, Toyota Pirus was released by Toyota followed by Honda in 1999. Since gasoline is cheap at that time hybrid cars didn’t catch on. When gas prices hiked starting 2000, many car manufacturers began to make hybrid and electric vehicles.

Basics of hybrid electric vehicles It is high time for the buyers to know about the hybrid electric cars and their benefits. As its term suggests, hybrid electric vehicles, are the mixed powered car by a gasoline engine and electricity stored in a battery. It has both the benefits of the gas engine and electric power: long range and reduced carbon emission. Many global car makers have started to mass produce hybrid cars, so it is available in some parts of the world. Presently, such EVs cost more than the conventional car due to high costs of batteries. Since these vehicles run on electricity, you can save a substantial amount of gas money in the long term. Plus in some states, a buyer can get incentives and the federal tax credit for using these EVs. This seems to be a bonus for those who buy these cars, which are considered to be more environment-friendly than the traditional exclusive gasoline vehicles.

Dual benefits of HEVs

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles ought to be the best option we have if we choose not to be vulnerable to the supply of foreign oil. How we take care of our environment is also our concern. As our industry progresses so does our carbon emissions. Hybrids reduce carbon emissions while pure electric cars have no emission at all. Also, with the significant investment on research engineers are working to improve the battery technology, so that batteries can have a longer life as well as less charging cycle. A break trough will inevitably happen in this area, which creates a hectic demand for both HEV and EV units across the world.